French asbestos regulation : a summary

The current regulation is the result of a history which goes up at 1996.

Diagram of determination of the inspection

Was the building permit delivered before July 1, 1997?
No inspection duty.
Is the building intended for works or demolition?
Asbestos inspection "all materials" (1).
Is it intended for sale?
Asbestos inspection (2) (without any removal duty for the houses).
Is it a house or a privative unit of a dwelling in joint ownership ?
No duty to maintain the 'dossier technique amiante'
'Dossier technique amiante' (3)
deadline :
- 31/12/2003 for the IGH and ERP of category 1 to 4,
- 31/12/2005 for the other buildings (4).

(1) components listed in appendix of the decree of January 2, 2002.
(2) components listed in appendix of modified decree 96-97.
(3) the 'dossier technique amiante', made up on the basis of a asbestos inspection, will be maintain by the owners; it will ensure the traceability of work of removal or containment carried out on the asbestos containing products.
(4) ERP of category 5, office buildings, buildings intended for the exercise of an industrial activity or agricultural, working rooms, unit of common use of the dwelling in joint ownership.

ERP = Receiving Public Establishment (ex: shop, hotel, school, town hall, church...),
IGH = High Building.

The ERP are classified in categories according to the size the public which they receive, from the largest size (category 1) to the smallest (category 5). The size below which an ERP is classified in category 5 depends on the destination the establishment.

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