Asbestos inspection prior to sale (methodology)

1) The operator takes note of the available documents describing the building (plan, former inspections, ...).

2) He seeks the products that are visually accessible without destructive work in the list defined in appendix of modified decree 96-97. For each one of these products he attests of the presence or absence of asbestos. In case of doubt he takes a sample to make it analyze by an approved laboratory.

3) The operator evaluates the state of conservation of the asbestos containing products and class them in ' good state of conservation' or ' degradated state' according to the following table.
The components flockings, duct insulations and suspended ceilings are evaluated according to particular rules.

Hard-bound plates Edges of plates started, presence of fracture, tears or boring, aureoles due to escapes.
Rigid fibrous panels Presence of fracture or borings, important erosion.
Coatings by projection of pasty products Presence of fractures, glares or borings, important erosion due to frictions, falls of product and deposit of dust on the ground.
Vinyl floor coverings on asbestos-covered paperboard Perforated or torn roadbase and visible asbestos-covered cardboard, important erosion.
Floor coverings standard paves vinyl asbestos Presence of crack, fractures, faience manufacturing, important erosion, removed flagstones.
Insulating foams of weatherstriping Fall of material.
Asbestos cement products:
- plates,
- drains

Cracks, disintegration, breaks.
Cracks, breaks.
Fire doors Wrap perforated door letting appear the insulating asbestos-covered one, deposit of dust on the ground due to frictions.
Valves and shutters firebreak Perforated envelope letting appear the insulating asbestos-covered one, traces of erosion due to frictions.

4) The operator draws up a report of location where he consigns measure of a general nature to take when degradated materials were located.

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